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Last Week of FERP Youth Program 2012

Hey All!!!

Last week was the end of the FERP Youth Program of 2012.
We didn’t let that stop us from getting plenty of stuff done like:

  • Painting seven benches, three in College Woods and four along Livingston Street,
  • The final touches of graffiti-covering near the boat launch,
  • picking up lots and lots of trash,
  • organizing our end-of-the-summer celebration,and inviting the community,
  • and making posters and setting up tours for the celebration.

The bridge that had the graffiti on it a couple weeks ago now looks like it has just been re-built. The FERP youth crew did a terrific job covering the graffiti and the sponge painting looks so natural on the rocks that you can barely tell it was repainted. The crew was certainly impressed by their handiwork and the community members who came to the celebration all remarked on a job well done.

(Below) Before


(below) Completely done with the wall!!! It looks so, so, good!!

Hopefully certain people that visit East Rock Park will realize that the park looks much nicer without grafitii!!

Since the crew was still covered in paint, and eager to keep beautifying the park, we continued to paint…benches, that is. There were seven benches on the west side of college woods that were still bare. We prepped, primed, and painted these within two days!¬† Along to the continuation of the college woods path that ends up running parallel to Livingston St. there were four benches¬† that were in really bad repair and in need of the FERP youth crew. We prepped (although it took longer than the other benches), primed and painted these four benches.

(Below) Before painting! Kadene is prepping the benches to prepare for the primer.


(Below) During. The grey paint is primer, which helps gives the paint extra adhesion and a nice even surface.


(Below) All of the benches looked so much better after being painted. Hopefully the paint will keep them from rotting faster, and help them blend into the park better.


In essence, the week was all painting. We all really enjoyed painting (even if we were shocked to find the paint had somehow gotten allll over us in the process).

When all of that was done and we had gotten all of the paint off of us we finished planning our celebration- where we would stop on our tours, what food we wanted, what each of us would say, etc.- and began to make posters for the event. We made advertisements and put them around East Rock, There were emails sent out about it, and members of the crew called a few people to personally invite them to the event. The last 2 days of the program were really busy, all of us trying to coordinate the event, put in our 2 cents, and create beautiful posters to show off pictures of our work, educational trips, adventures with mulching, and a list of interns. The last two hours before the event went smoothly with us rehearsing our tours and hanging up posters. Finally, the FERP Youth Program celebration began.
Everything was so wonderful, and the community members loved what we had done to make college woods more beautiful, welcoming, and clean. Justin and Sarah gave wonderful speeches about the interns and the program and really made the event a special day for the crew.

The FERP Youth crew would like to thank all of you who came to the celebration, and thank the community members who could not attend, but who contributed towards our summer program in anyway. Thank you all so much for your support of Friends of East Rock Park as the 5th FERP Youth Program comes to a close.


THANK YOU!!!! Have a wonderful ending to your summer and a safe year.
Until next summer,

Tamara, Sarah, and the FERP Youth Program Summer 2012!