Youth@Work 2016 Week 4

Welcome back!

Flowers in bloom at the Pardee Rose Gardens, which the team visited on Thursday!

The second-to-last week of our program was all about getting work done! We want to be sure that we help out as much as we can during our 5 weeks, and leave East Rock Park a little nicer than we found it.

Monday, July 25th

To start the week off, we did a trash sweep of College Woods. We do this sweep every Monday morning, and every Friday afternoon to make sure people can enjoy a nice, clean park.

After our sweep, we worked on bringing sand that had blown out of the playground back where it was suppose to be.


This was a hard job, but the kids loved playing in the bog piles of sand we brought in for them!


On Monday, we also had the honor of meeting with Susan Holahan, from the Tom Holahan Park Foundation, that provides the funds to make this program possible. She showed us the memorial for Tom in College Woods, and told us about how dedicated he was to peace and social justice. It was very inspiring to hear how this program began. We would like to thank the Holahans for everything they do that makes our important work possible!

After chatting with Susan, we began work removing layers and layers of dead leaves in the trees along Cold Spring Drive.

After a lot of work, and A LOT of leaf piles…


…We got this area looking good as new! Now, grass will be able to grow!


Tuesday, July 26th

On Tuesday, we began working on the College Woods entrance garden!


It was overgrown with mugwort and other weeds, and covered in dead leaves. You could’t even read the sign from the street!

We began work by pulling out all that nasty mugwort, and bagging it up so it wouldn’t re-root anywhere in the park.



Wednesday, July 27th

This morning, we got right back to work on the entrance garden! We cleared all we could from the area around the sign, mulched it, and we weeded and swept the area leading into the park.

20160802_124303And the end result was well worth all the hard work!

Thursday, July 28th

On Thursday, the team headed back to Pardee Rose Gardens to help out with another volunteer day! But this time, the team hiked from the Trowbridge Environmental Center at College Woods to the gardens. The great system of trail got us there quick!…And in the shade!


The great system of trail got us there quick!…And in the shade!

At the rose garden, we got to work helping them to weed out most of their larger beds. They were getting a delivery of mulch that afternoon, so they wanted to have the beds as clear as possible to help suppress future weeds!


Friday, July 29th

Friday was a VERY rainy day, so the team spent it in the rangers station, working on their posters and presentation for the end-of-the-program dinner celebration next week!

How time flies! See you next week!



About ferpyouth

FERP (Friends of East Rock Park) is a community and environmental advocacy group based in New Haven, Connecticut. We encourage neighbors to meet each other, celebrate the environment and become stewards of the park. We build connections by hosting social events and work days, and supporting other neighborhood efforts. FERP collaborates with Youth@Work to hire six interns and a supervisor for 5 weeks to help maintain the park and to become educated in the perks of stewardship and community involvement.

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